My Personal Experience

As I said above, I have been locked out of my own home, as I’m sure many of you have in the past. If you have not experienced this, it is an unpleasant situation to find yourself in. I remember one such situation I was in two years ago, when I lived in the city. I lived in an apartment and I returned home one day to find that the key to my door did not work. After double checking with my roommate, we decided to call the landlord who told us that he could not get a maintenance guy in until tomorrow.

home lock out

We spent the night at the home of my roommates friend. Along with the frustration of having to sleep in someone else’s house and split a bed with my roommate and his smelly feet, I encountered another complication. I stepped out to go for a walk and discovered that our hosts were the security conscious type.

This means that their door automatically locked behind me after I walked out. Every one was too deeply asleep to hear my frantic knocking and so I spent most of the night wandering around the area. I eventually crept back into my old apartment building and crashed on a dingy old sofa that had been stored in the communal basement for several years.

Once it reached a reasonable hour I returned to the house of my hosts and politely knocked on the door. Slightly bewildered, they let me in. However, the irritations did not end there. I went to a coffee shop to wait for the maintenance guy to call and tell me that he had arrived, as we agreed. I ended up waiting for most of the day, watching the clock slowly take away until I was supposed to leave for work. Even more irritating was the fact that I had forgotten to grab my wallet before being locked out. The staff was not particularly happy after my sixth hour of squatting at one of their tables and not buying anything..